Matar Paneer Parathas


*2 cups aata

*Peas (boiled) 1 cup

* Cheese 100 grams grated

* Onions (chopped) 3 tablespoons

*Coriander leaves 1 table spoon

*Green chillies optional 

* Water and oil


Knead flour into hard dough.

Add all the other ingredients, except oil and knead the dough once more.

Make small circular roti’s and place on a flat cooking griddle.

Brush with oil and once it turns golden brown remove from the stove.


Sesame Chicken Wings



*15 pieces of wings

*1 egg beaten

*Salt and pepper

*Flour for dredging 

*1/4 cup of olive oil 


*1/2 cup soy sauce

*1/4 cup sugar

*1 tbsp white sesame seeds



Pre-heat oven. 

Dip the chicken wings into the beaten egg with salt and pepper

Dredge in flour and remove the excess

Heat oil in a large skillet

Brown the chicken pieces in hot oil

Drain the oil once fried

Combine the sauce ingredients

Dip the chicken in the sauce and place in a 10X13 inch baking tray

Bake until 25-30minutes till you feel it is cooked.







The climate change is drying the world,

And yet we continue to merrily swirl.

 It’s hard to find a drop to drink,

And still some keep those buckets filled.

Those frequent changes in the plates,

Are surely lining our path and fate.

Our days are numbering to a close,

As we are loosing meaning and so it grows.

The days are passing us faster by,

And all we are left with, is moans and cries. Around me are people who are sick and ill,

Fighting for life without any will.

Many a time I think to myself,

Is there really any way to break through this hell.

My body trembles and it shakes,

As I know this sand is my permanent place.

My frame is delicate and has lost all strength,

It’s a shame I can no longer breath normally again.

My body is weak and cringing,

As I see white sheets, cylinders and big fat syringes.

Having no clue or idea where I currently am,

 But I know for sure I have lost all zest for lamb.

In a land fairly unknown to me here I see, meet and greet faces with gleaming broad smiles,

Telling me ease out this new place is just divine.

Here everyone works hand in hand,

To help that poor,needy and helpless man.

We tend to forget the scorching heat of that burnt yellow sun.

Born to live together, we have failed to be one.

This day shall come to us all,

When we shall yearn for a chance to fix this dreadful fall.

Since my life has changed and I have moved on,

This life’s test for me is over now and I am long gone.

I leave behind a message to all of you alive,

Live wisely for you never know when it’s your time.


Fatima Siddiqi

2nd February 2014


My so called life 12 year *Flash back* Intro

12 years back I wrote ‘ I have outgrown another pair of jeans! My mother is both pleased and disappointed. Pleased because I am growing and disappointed because I didn’t get much wear out of my new jeans.

You see , I come from a family of tall people. My father, mother and sister are of above average height. I have been rather slow in gaining height. I have been told that since I was a baby, I took my time over everything for instance Teething, eating, which I thought was a useless exercise. My sister Ayesha has been in LUMS for only two months, yet has made many friends. I live in an apartment with my parents, aunt and a cook and a maid. We also have a driver who comes in just for the day. All three employees are part of our extended family.

My father is General Manager of an engineering company and my mother is a principal of a school. My aunt is a therapist and works from home. She does reflexology, which is a complimentary therapy and not common in Pakistan. Most of our neighbours are from the bohri community. I find their way of doing things very different and feel that there is a lot we could learn from them like not wearing shoes inside the home. I suppose the various communities together make our society very lovely and colorful. I wish that we learn to appreciate the good in others and see the differences as a blessing and a gift and stop fighting with each other. ImageImage

Should we or shouldn’t we preserve our monument or structures for the future?

Karachi 2014  South Asian Cities Conference is currently taking place at Frere Hall. A number of people from all around the world are attending this conference. This conference is basically about the urban planning and development. Where I began to link it to famous monuments in the Country that are in dire need of major restoration. Taking all these under consideration I go back to Emperor Jehangir, the third great Mughal to rule India from 1605-1627 who is buried in Lahore. Near his tomb are the tombs of his wife Nurjehan and her brother Asaf Khan. These tombs from the Jehangiri cluster. Nur Jehan was the emperor’s twentieth wife but his main companion and the power behind the throne. Jehangir was addicted to opium and liquor and thus not very capable of managing the affairs of the state.

Nur Jehan’s father had moved from Kandhar and worked in Akbar’s court. Here he moved to exalted positions. Mehr-un Nisa as Nur Jehan was earlier called, joined the court as the lady-in- waiting to Akbar’s first wife. In his sixth year of reign Jehangir met Mehr-un Nisa at the courts meenabazaar. He was taken in by her beauty and married her. Later, as she became powerful, Jehangir changed her name to NurJehan. Nur Jehan used her position to get her brother appointed as the governor of LAhore. Asaf Khan’s daughter, Mumtaz Mahal, was married to Shah Jehan, the Mughal emperor to follow Jehangir. He died in June 1642, fighting the forces of the rebel Jagat Singh. He was buried next to Jehangir’s tomb.


His tomb is built in an octagonal plan as was the rule of the day to build the tombs of notables in this design. Shah Jehan himself commissioned the construction of the tomb. The tomb is entirely built of bricks. It has a large central double-layered bulbous dome. The tomb was adorned by marble that has now been stripped. The interior, which was once laced with white marble and inlay, is now bare walls. The inner dome ceiling is decorated in a high plaster relief of interlacing patterns, but much of it has fallen off.

Though not the tomb of an emperor, it nevertheless has a character of its own and lends an aura to the Jehangiri cluster. Nur Jehan’s tomb has been affected by the bifurcation of the estate by the railway line. It no longer forms part of the cluster. If restored, Asaf Khan’s tomb will truly reflect its glory and speak of how a simple piece of architecture stood out so well with it’s marble and the dome. The historians Hargreaves says about the tomb, “Despite its simplicity, there is a sense of restful quietude at this site (Asaf Khan’s Tomb) which renders it one of the most fascinating monuments in the neighborhood of Lahore.”

The tomb has been ripped of its marble on the outside and the white marble inside. It is now in shambles. It must, therefore, be pulled down. The government would do well to spend money only on maintaining the two royal tombs. Not being a royal, Asaf Khan’s tomb is an intrusion. Let’s not forget, Asaf owed his position in life to his sister but later revolted against her.

The government of the day should order its demolition. When mosques have been pulled down to widen roads, why can the government not pull down this already crumbling structure? It would be far better to have a few well- maintained monuments than many neglected and worn-out historical structures, which the tourist would loathe to see.



5months down, crazy days, sleepless nights and it all ends well! GRADUATION! *DISTINCTION* Party, Joy, Celebrations.




Right after Mini thesis was over, I hardly took a weeks break and began my internship at Feeha Jamshed. A wonderful 2 months it was, great people, creative outbursts, lots of learning and life was good. to be honest i didn’t want to intern anywhere at first. Mini thesis had been a kill joy and then now all over again Work, no i wasn’t quite deadly for it but anyhow I took the plunge and now looking back I think it was the right decision. Just when there was  just a week to go with my internship to have been over I didn’t want to leave. Just when I have started understanding my way through things and getting used to the place it was time to leave and begin my final journey. Now this final journey was not so final but yes it lead to closure of University, school, kindergarden, montessori. Yes 5 months from July 2013 were left for me to complete my Bachelors Degree. Believe it or not one the summer break since I had been working without having taken a break I had not even had a wink of thought on what exactly I would do for my Final Thesis Project.

 I didn’t want to think about it, I just let my thoughts flow and i just thought this time I’m going to do what comes to me from the heart. What I want to do, What my mind can create, the thoughts I would put to practice this time. I did everything step by step. There’s always something or the other going on, I called it SSTCPU in my previous post, and it doesn’t change even a wee bit. For the first two weeks I had no topic, friends had pre-planned and pre-decided what they were going to be doing and I for one hadn’t thought of anything substantial. I kept researching for what topic to take on and every time I’d end up telling my self this is so done, over rated, under rated etc etc. Initially I thought of doing something with machinery parts and gadgets and creating fun designs out of those, did tons of sketching and It wasn’t quite working out. I was a bit confused  but I kew this was me, I didn’t want to move far from it so I kept my head down and started making mechanical flowers out of machine parts. SOme turned out interesting but then it was becoming super stiff, no movement and creativity started loosing flow. 

Earlier, in my 5th semester of university I had done an assignment on Transformation. I remember I struggled through it because everything I was doing wasn’t satisfying me, but I kept focused and I knew this was where I was going to go crazy and use it to my best advantage. i took on the challenge of transforming a vacuum cleaner into a city cleaner and I named my character *CITY MANJAN* now Mr City Manjan  was this cool looking mop / suction/ garbage bin sort of guy who was of course a super human gadget created to clean up the city. I made a logo, made him a team  and how they were aiding him in keep KARACHI clean. All His agents were created, and CITY MANJAN was ready to take off. I thought of a whole campaign and I was making this whole series on school bags, laptop covers, t-shirts, canopies and cushions to create awareness. It was a hit, and more then anything I loved what I had done. The question now was weither I should take that forward or should I turn the direction of the topic or should I continue what I had done. I tried different things, till I settled on Transforming transportation machinery into organic form. The aim of my topic now was to take people back to nature because that is where life began and we all look to nature for inspiration. I feel strongly about certain things and this being one of them I took it up and made it work,

My thesis was based on the concept that technology has taken over our lives and that we need to restore the balance by reconnecting with the natural world and making our lives wholesome.  I felt that we need to take a more holistic approach towards life.

When school children in the UK were asked where meat came from they answered, “The supermarket.” Every day we grow more distant from ourselves, from each other and from our natural environment.

Human beings have always looked to the natural world for inspiration and then audaciously tried to subjugate it. Transforming machines into organic life was a humble attempt to return to source and to recreate a balance between the different forces that impact our world. There is a need to give back to all living beings the right to live and to flourish on this planet. I worked day and night, sometimes without forgetting to have my meals. I felt my creativity would be affected if I stopped or took a break. I would keep at it, mind running, hands working, trying to plot all that was going on in my head way faster then my hands could capture. There were times I would just go to sleep in the place I had been working and wake up there to realize that a good two hours had gone by and my neck was stiff. A few medicines were my best friends during this  stressful time 1) OLGON 2) WINTOGENO 3) NUROFEN 4) FEXO-D 5) DAy & NIGHT NURSE 6) FLYGL 7) AUGMENTIN 8) ANSID  without which thesis would have been impossible.  There were days I would go to university, come back home, catch a quick bite and run of to the bazaars. I think the insides of Karachi are now on my fingertips. Joriyah Bazaar, Light house, Iqbal Market, Mariam Market, Chamrah Chawk, Gizri, Ghausia, Plaza, Uzma, Kharadar, Usman Plaza, Korangi, New Karachi,  Lagta thaa jaisay Karachi ka aik aik kona naap liya ho. Now looking back, I think it was great learning, not only did I learn to design but I learnt a way of doing things, dealing with all sorts of people and learnt that nothing can happen without the will of God. I keep Him close to me, at all times because I know He watches over me, to keep me on track and to pull my reigns when I’m in the wrong. 

There were days when I would think that my work would never finish on time, just when I would fall asleep something would wake me up and id be sitting wide awake thinking all sorts of things. As time was coming closer to the submission dates, I was a nervous wreck. I am grateful for all the moral support my family was to me in this crucial time of my life, I have no words or phases on how to thanks them for as they understood what I was going through and tried their best to make me feel as comfortable as they could. Each one played an important role, those that were here and those that weren’t also aided in me achieving what I did. 

Just when I was wrapping up the last minute display stuff I was told that the jury would begin from me. That very moment my heart sank, I was nervous but I tried not to let it show, I keep on telling myself it’s do or die so speak your mind and keep calm. I didn’t rehearse at all what i had to say, I had made up my mind that I would speak however it came to me and what tone the situation demanded at that very instance. Alhamdulilah , I’m grateful for whatever God has bestowed me with and I hope and pray that He keeps guiding me and my faith grows stronger. 

I did luggage pieces as my product range. I wanted to do something different and out of the ordinary and this seemed to have worked. Communication is a major means of connecting and , and that is why I did luggage as my product and used transportation vehicles for the most part as my my design elements.

My thesis made me aware of the fact that whatever humans copy is only a poor second to what God created. Machines indispensable as they are, can never match the easy grace and elegance of organic life.


Life’s bend’s and turn’s !

Is time a healer? I don’t really know. Everything that happens in life you cannot totally forget, since you have lived through it, felt it and I suppose learnt from it. I don’t really know how to explain the feeling, but it’s there at times and then it just vanishes. It’s like so many moments of emotional outbursts and then there is this weird calming silence and the human machine just churning the thoughts. Woaaaa that’s a lot of thinking it does, I am a light sleeper for the most part unless i’m super exhausted and haven’t slept properly for nights at a stretch. This human machine inside my skull seems to be a CPU, but not just any sort of CPU mines a SSTCPU *Super Sonic Tireless Central Processing Unit* now you would want to understand why I call it that. My machine works 24/7 round the clock since even when I am asleep I have lots of thoughts and ideas going on to which sometimes I even wake up. I am not confusing the sub conscious with any of this and trust me it’s not hallucination either Im just a thinker and I choose to think more and talk less. Those who know me well know I can talk volumes and those who don’t just don’t know me well enough. I don’t open up to people easily but once someone makes themselves a place in my heart they never leave. Memories and moments are something I like to hold on to because they never come back,* once spent and experienced is a life lived* for me that time is lost. My sensitivity threshold  is super low, but of course I like to put out that strong front. Lot’s of things emotionally kill me within but on the outside it’s hard for people to tell what I am going through except for those who might take a sneak peak into my SSTCPU or my heart to which the keys only a few possess. Of course when you know a person well it is only easier to know what’s really going on with them and I am one to notice everything, even the slightest change in someone’s attitude towards me, their demeanor, the small tit bits that that they might do and things they used to do, I notice when things change, attitudes change and things are not like they used to be. I am aware of each and every detail but I don’t say anything. I keep things to myself for the most part but we all have a few *human machines* we speak to. Also people have told me things because they feel that once something is shared with this SSTCPU it’s gone into a super active processing unit and never to be found again. It all stays in, especially that which is told never to be mentioned. At this point in time, there is so much going on within me that I feel my brain is thinking faster then my actions. Sometimes i wish I knew the art of silencing my thoughts and thinking temporarily but that doesn’t come easy to me. I have tried finding it in prayer and it does work but somehow I haven’t been able to find myself do it regularly. I know God listens to each and everything I talk to Him about, It’s like a one on one relationship I might not do it sitting on the prayer mat but of and on I do talk to him mostly before sleeping or sometimes there I nights I just keep talking to Him because I feel He is listening more on those. I feel Him really close by these days. I look to Him for comfort, for answers to my troubles, repentance, thank you’s  and for practically everything.I am not one to be easliy influenced, I live my mind and lately things are a bit out of proportion.It’s one of those moments when I’m “stuck in reverse” and  “lights will guide you home” Parting ways, changing dreams and moving forward. *Life is currently under construction*

Are you looking for me it’s just been 23….

Sometimes certain things just wont change, You cant and wont stop thinking about it. Just about 23 years ago on Thursday the 7th of June 1990 I came into this world. Of course I cannot remember this but according to what I hear it was approximately 6:25 a.m when I popped and gave out a few cries i suppose upon the bottom wack I was given to un clog my lungs from all those amazing mama fluids I had lived on for the 9 months I spent with her. It was too short a time to have known her but I sense her presence all the time. Im sure when this date comes by every year she gives me a thought like I do, but even if she doesn’t who care, she’s ‘Mine’.For me it’s something i’d live with all my life and each year id always be looking out for you, not just this day but all the time. It s many times I look at faces and tell myself maybe its her, no wait silly, it cant be her and there begin my calculations of ow old she’d be now. It’s mission impossible but wait didn’t God say in the Bible ‘You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.’ and then I make myself beleive that  “What you seek is seeking you.”  Rumi. I make no qualms about what people think of me but my mind is free and is in no way encapsulated to express the thoughts that run through it time and again. I try and live this gorgeous life to the best I possibly can but to be told to banish those thoughts from my mind is life saying flush your reality and be grateful for what you have been blessed with.To me thats like saying become insensitive, insignificant and move right into the background and learn to flow with life into whatever direction it takes you. I won’t stop my mind from thinking and questioning because I yearn for truth and my saint says I said: what about my eyes?    
God said: Keep them on the road.    
I said: what about my passion?    
God said: Keep it burning.    
I said: what about my heart?    
God said: Tell me what you hold inside it?    
I said: pain and sorrow?    
He said: ..stay with it.    
The wound is the place where the Light enters you. *all hail to Rumi* He gives me hope that these eyes of mine may not see, this heart of mine may not feel anything but hurt, and I continue to try and pull a smile thought it all. I love you regardless of your flaws, your sorrows and your pain. Your always alive, living and breathing in every breath I take and I’ll continue to miss your presence in my life at each and every step I take even though you had been missing through the time I learnt to walk my first few steps. If not here in this life then in the Hereafter, I shall find you and I believe I shall recognize you and no one but YOU. You are in my memory engraved ,I carry you wherever i go but the hurt will still be there. Your absence in my life doesn’t mean your not there, I have a spot right inside of me and that space is only  yours to fill. I owe you to *MOAKS* for the person I am today, trying to be strong, trying to achieve the numerous and high goals I have set for myself , the super sensitive person that you have made me. You do make me miss you and at times make me thank you for I m sure I carry some if not all of your qualities. *Greatly missed*