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Indus celebrates 21 years of existence!~

So here we are, actually not even thinking of attending the event because there was another dinner to go to and  then I kind of put of the dinner and said to myself these occasions arise only once in a *Blue moon* and i don’t think i should miss it. Later on regretting that i didn’t attend would just be a far morose feeling. I told mama i’ll do dinner with her and the others another day had a little bit of an argument over it but i guess it was worth the while. Spent the afternoon with a few friends hogged on *bun kebabs* which wasn’t part of the plan but we did it anyway. My tiny appetite didn’t allow me to eat more then half of it as i felt quite full. Frantic phone calls of what are you wearing, what time are you getting there etc kept the watch ticking by time away. So here we are it’s 7:30 p.m and im still home quite unlike me, i try to make it to places on time but oh well the event wasn’t going to start on dot. Reached Uni at about 7:45  had my self stamped like cattle at the entrance hehehe which is the Indus way i suppose. I Walk in with a friend and to our surprise things actually look well done. The arrangement was spectacular, everything seemed to be working  just right. The stage, the tables, the tiny stalls the paint corner everything was beautifully done. I took several rounds of school with several people just so that i don’t miss anything. There was a lot of hustle and bustle, more people turned up then imagined and the high light of the evening was of course the bits of brownie put together to form our very own IVS logo. It was quite a sight to see 9 people carry the cake is, yes i counted exactly 9. The pent up excitement when the cake was going to be smacked done into tiny slices was inexpressible. Tiny me could hardly see what exactly was going on center stage so i decided another with another buddy to climb up the chair and watch the action but no luck, we still couldn’t see much, it was still worth the try. After that was over, our very active batch of 2014 entertained us through the evening and of course Usman’s music was again a high light of the event. He blows you away with the melodies he plays. Lots of memories were captured through photographs of the event. It was good to see everyone as a part of the evening from the domestic staff, administration,faculty,founders, alumni, fellow students  etc.*forgive me if i have forgotten to mention anyone.*

When the dinner was served a bunch of us proceeded towards the tables to grab ourselves a plate, it was one push after another that I just decided it’s useless trying to even get close to the food, so i waited a while and then made a second attempt failed that too and if it hadn’t been for Marley i wouldn’t have gotten anything, so i did end up eating a piece of chicken which was enough to satiate my hunger for the evening. It had been a long happening day and quite enjoyable too. Im glad Indus  decided to celebrate it’s 21 years of existenceand what’s even more amazing to know  that it’s  going to grow with me =D


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Life is an eternal quest about knowing oneself.The deep root of failure in our lives is to think, 'Oh how useless and powerless I am.' It is essential to think strongly and forcefully, 'I can do it,' without boasting or fretting.I am one of those people who love the why of things.

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