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Till i have get my *Satisfaction*(TIA)

The summer of 09 i spent tutoring my friends sisters. Yes it was proper art tuition which involved drawing, painting, crafting which was tons of fun. At first the idea of this was absurd because i had just gotten done with my A levels that summer and without a real break i was back at it. I feel it was quite helpful and fun as I got to learn so much more.We had our bits of fun and enjoyment also but all that happened alongside work. It was just a matter of 3 weeks after which i decided i should kill time and tat is when i joined The Indus Academy. Well it has definitely been a long time to this but August 1st 2009 I was a (T.A) in school. It sure was a splendid experience. I enjoyed every bit of it, every morning it was a new bright day with the sun-shining  above. I was given the tiny tots to deal with say about the age group  3-5 years. It was nursery/ kindergarden that i dealt with. I absolutely miss those days when i could wake up 8:00 a.m be at school by say 8:40 for assembly and get the little kiddies to line up before we all went to class. Of course ,we had to fix the class room up before the children came in so we made it a little before them. The children would call me *Aunty Fatima* which was awfully cute because no one had ever called me that and yes it was a little bit awkward also because i was referred to the same title as the much older *aunties* who were already teaching there. There was no one else as young as myself teaching back then. Khair! each morning i had to take attendance, watch out for the kids in the playground, help them around the swings,slides and seesaw etc, make sure they don’t over spill the mud from the sand box or hurt the little duckies and geese running about the place. Life was good back then not that it isn’t now but of course somedays it gets hectic and you feel the low and then you wait for that ultimate *push back* which we all sometimes need to get back on track. So getting back to class activities I would be on my toes from 8:40-12:30 not so bad but a lot of running around and jumping was involved if you ask me. I was given a class of 15 students to handle with 2 other people Ms Julie and Ms Samina. Surprisingly, I still remember some of the students names on my finger tips, there are just some stars you cannot forget. One bright little one Umair, another,Wajih(Mr hug) loved giving me hugs and spent most of the time chilling in my lap, Eesha, Aleena Bhugri (Bob) yes she was known as famous (bob) round, a little bit on the dark side but super cute. hmmm let me see a few others if i can recall Yusuf (rundo) i still remember taking him from his mother on his very first day and his croc tears just wouldnt stop, in heart of hearts i was upset to because i don’t feel right about sending such chotay bachay to school, i mean seriously we have really lost track of childhood, i mean it’s becoming directly from the oven into the frying pan and the kids are ready to face the real world in no time. And so all the play time and bachpan is disturbed by starting to school at the tender age of 2 years and a few months. This is so not on,I mean this system under my understanding is fairly whopped. I don’t mean to say that we shouldn’t go to school but once you do the burden just keep on increasing.And here im back to another child i remember  Ghania (chinese doll) ,Rayaan( Sharrarti bacha) loved to pass cheeky smiles at me and he sure knew he’d get away with it. Faiz (Mr smarty pants) who knew it all, in fact he had a lot to teach me. He spoke to me about cars,aero-planes, lego, wires and keys all things of my interest, yes this little child only 3 years of age talking to me about all these things for a good 15 minutes, was I impressed. Strangely now that i am writing after such a long time, the thoughts keep coming back to me, It’s like the past writing it’s self back to me. I seem to remember all of them, i think there was Hasan as well, he was another one who came in crying, my heart went out to him,0pps!~ how could i forget golu moolu, and her (fawara) on the top middle of her head Aisha Memon that’s exactly how my hair was done as a toddles)  and hey i remember her whole name after a good 2 years, ugh my *memory for useless details*  Yousuf another bratty kind of kido, he would go around whacking kids right left and centre, quite a character he was back then i wonder what he’s up to now,more mischief im guessing. Another child Sarrah always prim and proper,smelt good and wore the cutest  dresses with her bracelets right in place, and she would remain proper through the day. Zaid was another shy monkey, quite timid sort and one really had to push his buttons to make him talk. So here’s a new bright day and we meet at school for the music class, i find out that i’ll have to sing nursery rhymes and action them out to the kids along with them, holding my own shyness in, i found some strength and went on ahead with it, i felt rather awkward at first but then once when i realized it just had to be done i managed to do fairly alright. It was good to see the bachas loving it, and yes that was one day im still told about kay “they loved having music class with you”  We all have our little favorites somewhere deep inside, mine was Wajih, He just made my heart melt, i mean i just saw his face and Oh my his expressions were to die for. He didn’t speak a word throughout the time i taught, he had that spark, the other teachers complained of him having some sort of ailment which he may have had but that kid totally won me over, He was slower then the rest and took his time learning, i call it *paced learning* . During recess this child would just cling to me and expect me to take him about the playground helping him on and off slides and seesaws. I didn’t mind it because the smile on his face gave me satisfaction that he’s happy and that he feels comfortable with me. I realized pretty soon that was scared of people. He didn’t like crowds. Several experiences during my teaching days taught me quite a lot, the patience to deal with children, to hold there hand when you see them stumbling, It taught me about my capabilities as a person and ofcourse  humility came with it as a free gift.=) This experience has been quite remarkable  and it was self gratifying when i received my First pay Rs 12,000. When i did ask to quite i was given a letter or appreciation which meant more to me then that pay check.  It was 2006 when i began saving money , and now it’s almost 2012 in another few months MashAllah i have managed to save a good amount, it’s still not enough to buy what i have really wanted but InshAllah im hopeful that i will manage to get it at some point in my life. If it’s not one project then it’s another but i need to keep my little hands busy with something or the other. We anyway have very little time in this life and i really want to make the most of it. I either want to learn something new or do something I already know how to do, fun is also part and parcel to my schedules but according to my life plan hehe it’s a work-a-holic kinda life i enjoy living with a bit of fun. I mean the satisfaction you get when you do something yourself and then the appreciation you get and even if you don’t so what it’s cool, if you like it than thats all that matters  *that puts a sparkly smile on my face*.It’s always great to know that your hard work paid off.
Over the years there have been a lot of people who have inspired me along the way some older then myself and some younger. They will always keep inspiring me no matter what even if i grow to old.(hehe)I give them all credit because all of them have played a major role in the way i am today. With true sincerity I thanks them all for being a part of my life and helping me become a better, stronger human being. My Parents for one who have been supportive in all my endeavors, sisters,brothers and of course  all the friends along the way who have always stood by me in times of need .It’s wonderful to have all of you as a part of my life which makes it all the more chirpy and colorful. It’s always great to know that your hard work paid off, it sure makes you happy and it  Every time I do something I think of God and ask for His support and guidance for He surely is the One and only who provides the best advise. Without His support all my so called plan and work ethics would be quite a failing but He keeps me going, breathing and living.=D


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Life is an eternal quest about knowing oneself.The deep root of failure in our lives is to think, 'Oh how useless and powerless I am.' It is essential to think strongly and forcefully, 'I can do it,' without boasting or fretting.I am one of those people who love the why of things.

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  1. Anser Quraishi ⋅

    Wowww lol, bachon kai sath full free 😛
    But good read 🙂 Made me laugh at some points.

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