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Yet another drama!

This is really no drama, it’s serious, yes, yes it is. *Death Threat* to the whole family. Well of course our domestic help have always been like family to us and i mean no differences made. So my very own friend,buddy, surrogate mother if you would like to call her *Zezo* has filed a court case against her husband and wants a divorce. This is not a very pleasant sight but i guess she has been driven to it. I marvel at her strength to have left her kids with him and gotten up and done something about it. She had been miserable for a long time. She wants justice and rightly so, we all need our rights and we need to be heard sometimes. Our voices as women, are mostly drowned or we are made to keep our calm and composure in the presence of the so called superior male force. It’s high time we stand up and speak instead of hiding in the shadows. Life has got to be lived the way you want it to be and not how others want you to live it. That is one thing that is completely yours and your the pilot of it. So getting back to the story, Zezo goes to court along with her sister several times this past month and finally we find that the notice has been delivered. Once this happened Ami and Aba receive several life  threatening messages and phone calls. *Scary as it sounds *Zezo’s* husband used to work for us till about 8 months back, He was fired because he misbehaved with Aba i mean Aba who is one of the most gentlest souls i know on the planet. I like to call him *Harmless*  Khair getting beyond this, Bash was completely out of order. According to the reports from *Zezo* it was known on a daily basis that he took no responsibility for the kids, didn’t feed them, mis-treated them and never once bought groceries for the household. He spent his cash on *cigarettes* and i mean cartons, also gambled here and there. Of course while he worked here  we knew non of it because one tends to judge on the exterior outlook of a person no one really bothered to delve deep into the character of Mr Bashir. hmmmm So here we are dealing with threats from this champ whom i once used to call Bashir Bhai. CPLC has been contacted and i hope we all remain safe. Aba worries about Ami and myself being here all alone by ourselves. He has made attempts to go to Ami’s friends houses, he has called upon several sources to get to us, in fact he even landed up outside ami’s work place to find her, outside Indus too and our house as well. Living through this drama is a bit of a shocker. Makes me think how people change all of a sudden to suit there  circumstances. I just hope  and pray we all remain safe . Im not scared  worst comes to worst what can he do? shoot a few bullets or ………….. Gods by my side and I fear non but Him.


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Life is an eternal quest about knowing oneself.The deep root of failure in our lives is to think, 'Oh how useless and powerless I am.' It is essential to think strongly and forcefully, 'I can do it,' without boasting or fretting.I am one of those people who love the why of things.

One response to “Yet another drama!

  1. ghazalpirzada ⋅

    i am following you now.. i meant the blog ❤
    Keep writing. ur on the blog roll just about NOW

    Hats off to Zezo. God works in mysterious ways. Inshallah it'll all settle well. Love.

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