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Good old bonding!

The 13th, such a special day once upon a time,no more now. Missing sending  birthday wishes,love,presents and hugs.=/ It’s been a hectic week,submission’s, other projects lined up that needed to be worked on, and other things that arise on a day to day basis. Everything needs to be dealt with or else *Calamity jane*. I got late today, me and late *weird*  most times it’s me calling people to wake up and get to class but today It was the other way round. Only difference was that i wasn’t sleeping, I was just not suppose to go to Uni at the usual time i go everyday thanks to previous *threats* etc, Makes no sense to me but  for now I just do as Aba says. Having slept at 5:30 a.m  i hardly got 3 hours of sleep and  the days went by like a lazy crazy Friday. Work took a back seat to some extent but i made my submissions and then i was at peace with myself. Todays work seemed done and packed away, it was now time to break before  the chaos begins the following week. Since i was done with my bits of work for today i thought of helping around with whoever else needed help. Being a Friday we all just took it easy and left Uni at about 2:30 p.m. Us *Indusers* are spontaneous plan makers and the (KC)*Kothari Clan* decides to lounge at mine. So Kothari sahib,  X-ray machine,iks and our very own *Mast Malang*  come over. We had khaana after which we had *FERRERO rondnoir* *toffiee* *kitkat* and not to miss *big slab of toblerone* (comfort food i call it) and then since all of us had been sleep deprived we kept dozing off for intervals. That didn’t go on for long because of course our plan was to chill, do our little bits of chit chatting, listening to latest stuff, the friends bonding with ami and making random plans with her without me included,*HAW* no fun, no fun. hahaha of course they joke about it. Since ami’s plans of going to Lahore have been postponed for now due to the current situation, im kind of glad i’ll get to see more of her.:) these guys left late evening after which i fixed my room *phobic* can’t stand things out of place and of course when we are all together you know what to expect. hehehe

Once I was done having dinner with ami and i had just returned to my room thinking i’ll sleep early tonight, i find myself wide awake, out of the blue Xubi-Ivs calls,  Says, ” OYE!  kidher ho?kiya kar rahi ho? Im round the corner” This takes place at exactly at 11:15 p.m and before i know it the door bell rings and there is Xubi in a bright red shirt. So he has Chai and we go on talking till post 1:30 a.m. there was so much we needed to catch up on, it had been ages we hadn’t chilled. We shared our bit’s of adventures that went on since we had last done a detailed bonding session and that i think happened  when he visited Lahore and the whole day we spent driving around Lahore. Yes he made me drive him down to the DAWOO station 3 times without exaggeration and then to Shadman. sure! that day was amazing and i think most of the time we spent napo-ing the streets and nukars of Lahore and chatting along the way.

Today actually was quite well spent. Xubi and myself had so much to go on about, if it hadn’t been so late i think we would have gone on for another few hours. Our escapades,k.k days, foundi days, people,life in general we went on about so much. Thanks for the random drop by it brought about way too much excitement  =D


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Life is an eternal quest about knowing oneself.The deep root of failure in our lives is to think, 'Oh how useless and powerless I am.' It is essential to think strongly and forcefully, 'I can do it,' without boasting or fretting.I am one of those people who love the why of things.

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