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Spectacular Sunday,Slow Monday,Tiring Tuesday!~

I had an early Sunday morning, had slept late the previous night, never the less at 10:30 a.m sharp Ma wakes me up, and we do breakfast, I made omelets  that too *CHEESY ONES*  with mushrooms. *YUM* and  soon after that i started working , finished with uni work went on to my own crazy things, got into the the car engine,fiddled with the radiator etc. Looked around if there was any chance of a cricket match but no luck with that, mid-terms and mocks are keeping everyone busy and there’s no proper cricket team left anymore everyone seems to have grown out of it or have left for uni etc.So i returned back upstairs, did a little bit of room fixing  and by then it was evening. Phone rings and no surprises, it’s xubi calling again wanting to come over and chill for a while so well we hang out for a bit and then L.Khala turns up. A very dear friend of my aunts, whom i am particularly fond of. So the evening is spent with her. I met her after a pretty long time since she is mostly busy at work and im busy with mine. So here we get a sunday to catch up on so much and  the day was well spent. She left pretty late leaving me with only 5 hours sleep but I enjoyed every bit of it, since such days seldom come, thanks to the fast paced busy lives we are beginning to lead.

Monday was slow, not much happened, the usual but i had a fun coffee morning with MJ Khala, that felt awesome. I chilled with her at her school and she ordered me Banana Bread and coffee from Espresso knowing well i don’t have breakfast. She left me with no excuses not to eat, so i just had to shove all that down my throat, felt a bit puky after that since im not used to taking breakfast unless it’s totally essential. After my tiny date with MJ Khala, made my way to uni and it went by like any normal day. After uni myself, Kothari, Mast Malang, go to buy our threads from CTC. now this is when it gets exciting, We go from shop to shop trying to find our dhaagas, pick a few from here then run to another one pick a few there and then thats not it, every time we get out together, our tastebuds,appetite and hunger don’t leave us alone. So we make our way to flamingo have a glass of juice to revitalize. Knowing well that at night  i have to attend a friends engagement, I quickly got back ironed my clothes did some pending uni work but of course i  couldn’t get much done so i had to come back and do it before i slept. The engagement was fairly nice, K looked pretty, met Apa’s friend there too and she told me about some CJM reunion thing in december which i have clearly forgotten about but if i think harder im sure i’ll recall it and pass on the msg to Apa. It’s been over two weeks i haven’t had a chance to talk to Apa, She’s busy Brussling and now off to Argentina. *Wow*

Tuesday was crit day, went by fine Thank God, my little petrified self seemed to be doing ok. he-he the tummy was crampy and felt a little off too but It’s over and done with*Yippee*. I got back and i booked my tickets to LAhore for the 4th of November Friday, now that’s exciting.I ‘ll get to see the pooches, my bacha’s, family and friends oh and most of all i’ll get time to spend in MY room, not that im home much but all the same it’s always good to go back to your own pretty little room that is not stocked up with creative material,its spick and span for the most part. The only thing that’s a little bothersome is that Aba’s going to arrive on the day of Eid and hopefully im not going to be left with the duty to manage the chop chop.This Eid is not something that i look forward to, my heart just goes out to the poor little lambs and sheepies.I think it’s wretched and cruel. Im not meaning to raise an argument here but just a thought i’d like to share, We buy these animals just a few days before Eid not really giving it enough time to form a bonding with them and then we call it sacrifice. Well the true essence of sacrifice to me means that you grown a fondness to something and then it’s time to break-away. That’s the hard part. In both cases im not to keen on the idea of chopping these bleating buddies. It saddens me to no end.

Tomorrows another crit  *fingers crossed* Praying it goes well. Anyhow after that is our little celebration lunch, still have no clue on where it’s at but we all are going anyway. After that it’s back to Uni and Wopotty- wop wop.=D


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Life is an eternal quest about knowing oneself.The deep root of failure in our lives is to think, 'Oh how useless and powerless I am.' It is essential to think strongly and forcefully, 'I can do it,' without boasting or fretting.I am one of those people who love the why of things.

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  1. Keep it going Fatima! 🙂

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