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Fashion,Ramp,me, and the works!~

PFDC 2011~

As flu struck as ever, i had been contemplating upon the thought of attending a fashion show this evening,I was thrilled beyond belief. Cofcol is keeping me a little bit knocked out but otherwise life’s good. So Uni work went slow, runny nose, head ache,severe pain in the throat and the uncomforted of the flu. I thought i would wrap up with work early and try catching some rest since the best way to rid yourself of a flu is give it rest. hehe, me and rest are worlds apart, I cant sit still for a second, theres always an itch to do something, to get something, to go beyond, to see beyond, and move on, further on with life, in life etc. There is always an urge to light a spark, either in my life, in my work, in people, or you can say just keep those citric juices alive. Of course if you know me well, im those quiet sorts who keeps to themselves and i call it i my *self reclamation* where it’s just me, myself and my splendid thoughts on just about everything. But for those who know me even better i am a Spark yes, the ones that come down *shooting star* types. Along side serious life, i am fun loving, outgoing, a total people’s person if you’d call it. Even with my quietness it’s funny how i still get on with people so well.=) any pranks i am in for it but of course they shouldn’t be hurtful or insulting. Anything fun and i am in for it.

So we are back to the day that went by whopping my way to my loom, my thread counts were funnily strange, which is why i took a lot of time on it and also because every few mintues i had to blow my nose. Oh My!  had anyone ever heard of a building vibrating without an Earthquake? Indus was on the move today, it shook just like an Earthquake moves things and people, it got me all dizzy and being on the top floor made us feel it more then the rest. Later we find out that it was no earthquake it was a bulldozer working in the neighboring plot which was causing the absurd vibrations.I had no plans of going to the evening event but since had attended 3 fashion shows earlier and i had quite liked them, i thought i wouldn’t miss out on this one. So i jumped into the plan, last minute and quickly put on my dressy attire. 20 minutes bang!!! i was out on the roads of Khi making my way to Expo. A group of us walk in, find a place to sit from where is view is fairly good. Amongst the applause, standing ovations was my camera clicking away. The evening was pure entertainment, stunning models, gorgeous clothes and the play of lights. The only thing that was a bit bothersome was the frozen atmosphere. I was like a freezer in there. With my flu, i was quite uncomfortable but so be it, yo gotta do what you gotta do. We move on and life goes clauses or pauses that’s how the drama begins.=D


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Life is an eternal quest about knowing oneself.The deep root of failure in our lives is to think, 'Oh how useless and powerless I am.' It is essential to think strongly and forcefully, 'I can do it,' without boasting or fretting.I am one of those people who love the why of things.

One response to “Fashion,Ramp,me, and the works!~

  1. aha, miss you, illl call you soon! 😛 tell me when youre gonna be free.

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