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October 23rd!~P-F-D-C

*RED* dress collection

I slept early Saturday night,it had been a long day at uni and a tiring one to, like say about 11:30 p.m  and i was up at bang 7:09 a.m on Sunday morning. Said my own little wake-up prayer which i do most morning, made my bed cleaned up whatever little needed cleaning and then made my way to the kitchen. Got the stove on made myself a mug of hot Cappuccino and tucked myself back not the blanket.  The newspapers delivery comes every saturday and sunday because i am to busy during the week to actually get acquainted with what goes on in the world so yes it’s saturday and sunday when i give the world time. The news paper had still not come and the cappuccino was to hot to sip so i left it on the bedside to cool down. 7:30 a.m the paper was delivered *Express Tribune* it is. So i pulled the paper from under the main door, made my way back to my bedroom and read the important bits of news i felt were necessary to know. So I read a little bit of the serious news while sipping on my coffee  and then i went on to read the crazy little comics *Peanuts, Dilbert, Calvin and Hobbes, Garfield,Wizard of ID*. This article i came across  was rather exciting, It read *Reflecting on life on 2 wheels* and that meant cycling, something i loved to do as a child and now since slowly and gradually that phase is wearing off, i am beginning to realize that i still quite like it. The freedom of being liberated, the thought of just getting up and doing what you feel like without having anyone to say anything to you is an awesome feeling. Due to the current state of the country we have no such luck to do these kind of adventurous things. Life’s good but of course it could be even better since there’s always room for improvement.HaHa!  A quotation i found rather thought provoking and for the most part unforgettable reads “An endless journey is a little intimidating, a little scary, but a journey thats ends you can put in your pocket” .  We tend to get to wrapped up in the seriousness of life not that being serious is a bad thing but of course serious all the time is life with no fun, The little moments of thrill, happiness, adventure must interweave through the seriousness otherwise I say *Bland Existence* =/ So after i am done reading the papers it’s past 8:30 a.m  and i doze off for an hour and i am wide-awake once again. I had oiled my head the previous night and gone to sleep with that yucky oily head of course with a towel on my pillow so that i don’t dirty it. Randomly Ma comes and says be ready in 5 mins F.Khala is coming to and we need to leave for Expo. hmmm i says ” but i got am oily head and i wont go without washing up etc” so here’s the response i get ” you youngsters take so long getting ready,hurry up now, and be right out in 5, or else we leave you behind”  I take the plunge into the shower right out in 3 minutes and so i just made it. Run down on top speed, and   it’s a smooth drive to Expo. Upon arrival we find out that we need to get tickets from across the stadium where there is a huge car park. So we drive right round, take a drifty U-turn and then take the shuttle service to expo, quite an experience if you ask me. And so we changed two shuttles to get to the halls, of course Ma’s a big fan of cultural stuff so we go to Hall no.1 look around spend quite a while there meet lots of familiar faces etc. The only thing i was missing was my D5000, wish i had that on me to give me company since i am not a very shoppy person, Of course it’s not like i don’t like to shop but at such places a camera is complete bliss which i was missing. I still enjoyed looking around seeing things that were rather eye opening. I had attended this exhibition last year as well i think it happened in February if im not mistaken and i remember clearly that Ma happened to be in Karachi and she extended her trip to attend this.She had left the very next day after the exhibition so that’s quite a vivid memory. I met a lot of fabulous  people, craftsmen etc and i began a full fledge conversation with them, they actually enlightened me with so much i had no clue about. The warmth with which they told me things made me feel the love. =D  now come the journey back again the switch switch shuttle service, i think i was *Shek* this time round a *DONKaay*  i like to call it ha-ha laden with bags that weighed i think more then me, stuff that Ma had got and her F.Khala’s too. *PHEW* was i relieved once all that had been dumped into the car trunk. Finally home and then, i had a quick lunch, after my early morning Cappuccino. Was i hungry?  soon after, i got myself to sit down and work on my essay submission, hardly got much done but all the same atlas i got cracking with it. It sure takes time doing  a solid piece of writing. 5:00 p.m it is and just when thoughts were coming to me about how to go about my essay it’s time to get ready for day 3 PFDC. X-ray calls and so i leave for her place. Me and X-ray discover so much in common hmm X-ray and myself had been in Ma’s montessori together and knew nothing about it of course we remembered each other from school but it’s been like all of childhood has been spent together unknowingly and YES now knowingly.=D  Now this my is second trip to Expo the same day, this time round we take a drift to *Maky’s pick her and then head straight right ahead. The evening was fantastic, some clothes rocked the show like always. The music was  complete trance, something quite similar to what i love driving with.My perfect scenario, loud music, rims spinning and what tops the list is ideal company either on the passenger seat or i don’t mind a full car either. On a regular basis i am a one on one type but i can sure get rolling with a bunch too. Of course it’s always fun rolling with a bunch of  minds that are alike. Kamiar Rokni  opened the show, and the closing was the Red dress collection a spectacular show put together by 24 designers. They portrayed Red in their own individualistic way. Some were skimpy, some subtle some mind-blowing and some just on the average but it’s always nice getting the feel of how different individuals do things with the same source. In this case it was *RED*.  The evening ending on a pleasant note, the next Fashion week is to be held in Lahore and the one following that will take place in Karachi. We leave the hall, making our way to car, drop Maky back pick up shawarma’s on the way I reach home post 12:00p.m  L. Khala was over, she was stunned to see me all dressed up, gave me her blessings, we talked for a while and then I went to drop her home say around 1:00 a.m of course at that time i wouldn’t be allowed to go unaccompanied.=)  I get back, Ma calls me to her room, asks me how the evening was etc, we have a little discussion and following that, it’s drop dead sleep. Sundays on an ordinary basis are mostly family oriented and since there is no such family here, for the most part they are hopelessly boring. Friends are busy with family commitments life’s slow etc but the past 2 Sundays have been fairly busy,bubbly and chaotic. *patiently waits for a ha-trick* hopes next sunday is equally fun filled and brings excitement.


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Life is an eternal quest about knowing oneself.The deep root of failure in our lives is to think, 'Oh how useless and powerless I am.' It is essential to think strongly and forcefully, 'I can do it,' without boasting or fretting.I am one of those people who love the why of things.

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