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Mornings have started becoming chilly, and i find myself covered up in a blanket in the morning strange, strange, i  thought to myself *exchange of brain waves goes on on my head* and i say Hey it’s just almost November. Anyway its still not cold enough for a sweater hehe but winters are fun, the hair stays in place for a change, friction of course but over and above that it’s not sticky and sweaty. Bang 8:35 i was at uni, got down to looming asap and i was quite surprised at my speed, got done with 16  Inches, i call that some accomplishment considering i unweave d  several portions  quite a few times. Getting on to the more interesting  bit my my todays escapades was *Blackoo Love* it’s actually called *AWH 108* Khair getting on with that I bought Blackoo  a whole new music system, with the camera, dvd player etc like the whole works, got the Pioneer system removed which i plan to take to Lahore with me and install it into my  Husky grey Citi, thats another one of my loves, i can spend hours and hours with my cars, just doing them up , making them all the more techno of course  minus the cheapness. I wanted  Blackoo to be Bluey but though luck, you don’t and cannot possibly always get all you want. So here’s a lesson reinforced and well learnt. *Be happy with what you got*  A thought just came to me as i wrote this, the other day i was having dinner with Zezo and Hanif Bhai and i realized we got into a major discussion on how this life is soon going to be over and how the next one will be like. INTENSE i call it,  so we all gave our in put etc and  how we all came to the conclusion that  everything going to be left behind and we will leave this place just wrapped in a mere piece of white fabric. This is reality, It really doesn’t matter what you have or what section of society  you belong to ,  at the end of the day we all are headed to the same destination.  I was thinking that we spend our life in this world working so hard  to make it in this world, i mean in terms of making it materialistically but do we ever think about how we are going to make it to our final destination. Nah i don’t think so, in all honestly, I pray but i don’t call myself religious. It’s strange, sometimes prayers really come out from within and you can feel it deep inside, other times you have so much going on in your head that your just praying for the sake of it and then getting back on with life and other things that are bothering you.  So, concluding the conversation with Zezo and Hanif Bhai we found the leveling grounds that money and power are both things present in this material world and life  hereafter will be very different to what we are living today. Again i think im repeating my point, we try so hard to work, of course it’s not a bad thing to work but i was just pondering upon how much time do i really spend conversing with God. I i think about it, maybe i don’t even give that quarter the amount of time i give this material world. hmm , lots of people will not even agree with  what im trying to get at, but i don’t real mind, everyone’s instilled to their own separate opinion. This is my view, im sure others will have even more interesting things to say on this or some will just choose to let it pass unnoticed. Besides the point, so here I carry on with my story of Blackoo, the loom was getting to me so i had had my fill of rib poking for today although a friend of mine tried making me work, hehe gave me bit’s of motivation and tons of excitement which totally got me of balance hehe, it’s always a yes to fun when i know that yea  i can manage the work later on, but if i had like a crashing deadline i had to meet then of course the fun would have had to wait.. A wheel spin to unwind was necessary and so i found perfect company. Lots of talking, chilling, seriousness, heart to heart, love, fun and music with splendid company. I have a few people in my life, whom I chose to keep in the close proximities of my heart.Those people are there to stay for life or else they wouldn’t be in that categorized boundary of mine . The aspects of relationships is extremely important to me, so to all  those i call sisters and brothers, this ones to you. Life’s a short journey, put on your skates and lets go weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee., that’s my version of it. *giggles*  I was having a major chocolate craving today, didn’t have any that’s another story. hehe so after my long drive I come home and theres work for me, so i run off turn on the ignition  and drive to BBQ Tonight, pick up dinner and get back home. Ma and myself, zees and Hanfi Bhai have dinner, and since Ma still hadn’t driven the car takes me out a drive, haha so we go have Movinpick , Me Zezo & Mama. Upon getting home, I explore the new put techno system in the car, the Dexter  gear is turned on once again *What does this button do?*   X-ray and I have a long conversation on her Baba Adam issues,mishaps etc, my Zumba comes into action not for to long but yea i try keeping with the beat but today was just not the day for it.  Done with 1200 words on Yinka Shonibare and  o the work *Scramble for Africa* it’s quite something,must check it out as and when yo can. There’s so much it talks about and one can write volumes. hehe i got down to analyzing just a section of it and i found myself going on and on. Must get wrapping  300 more  and catch some sleep.*nite*


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Life is an eternal quest about knowing oneself.The deep root of failure in our lives is to think, 'Oh how useless and powerless I am.' It is essential to think strongly and forcefully, 'I can do it,' without boasting or fretting.I am one of those people who love the why of things.

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