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Khi to Lhr!~ Nov04

My journey started  Friday afternoon when i left university and made my way to the airport. Some of my close chuds, went to drop me which was absolutely splendid * made me feel on top of the world* =D yes it truly did. Checked in etc etc and upon boarding I find out that it’s a PIA flight but the catch is we go Greek and Jordanian crew, 0h no’s. hmmmmm to be more exact  PIA had leased Greek planes and jordanian crew ran the services. Hmmmmmm a shock to me , never seen or experienced something so absurd on a travel journey and that even on domestic travel. The plane was in shambles, It felt like a one of those old ancient computers, big, hideous and bulky with wires popping out. woaaaaa, the engines turned on and the noise was piercing. These engines and cockpits fascinate me. The numerous buttons, gears, brakes and what not, so much fun. The little dexter awoke in me. Anyhow all said, the fear bit came too, will this plane land, wont it, do the wheels work etc etc random thoughts ran through my brain. *safar duas* said and we take off.I got a seat right at the back, tail end of the plane, which added to the bouncy journey. Turbulence was a nightmare. i think i said all the ayats and kalmas i knew. On my left i had a girl from AKU sitting next to me, so we randomly got talking, and she was from Lahore as well, we seemed to have a few friends in common so from there on conversation sprang and that was a little settling. My tummy was playing knots and crosses through out the journey. The landing was a bumpy sort, almost felt the  plane was out of control, the feeling was awful. The air pressure was crazy much and the shrill sounds were unbearable . Once the plane came to a final stop, i breathed a sigh of relief from this traumatizing roller coaster. *phew* got the luggage got out met Majeed bhai and once i was home the first thing i did was give the Eid goaties a hug each*Bonzo & Bonanza* I called them, did a little bit of baby chatter with  them and petted them on their cute little headies. There was a gathering at Nanan’s place so we all had Khaana together. A dinning table full of people and yum food makes all the difference. For some this wouldn’t mean much but since this is a rarity for me I enjoyed every bit of it. The weather was brilliant, slightly drizzly, i say *Perfect* Aba and Apay I missed you.


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Life is an eternal quest about knowing oneself.The deep root of failure in our lives is to think, 'Oh how useless and powerless I am.' It is essential to think strongly and forcefully, 'I can do it,' without boasting or fretting.I am one of those people who love the why of things.

One response to “Khi to Lhr!~ Nov04

  1. Anser Quraishi ⋅

    Very sad to hear about the plane, Pakistan needs better planes and crew members 🙂 lol

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