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Memorable Texts!~ itsy bitsies I choose to remember

Marley:- Heyy dnt forget to get the brush drawingg plzz nd composition

S. S.M:- Listen please give me the enlarged croquee wall paper before you go to class

Jigr:- yayyyy does a ludddi on this. I have a lil sister for life!=)

Momo:- Fatu, I can’t imagine indus without you. Don’t go to nca.Please. I’ll miss you too much.

Asmu:- M so glad u guys=D

Glad fr al of us,

Sukar Allah miyan!

I hope we al do evn betr 2m0:)

Gud luck my seeks bum!

Jigr:- *hugs and kisses all the way to lhr*

Momo:- Fatu I need your animal birds to show altho, apparently I’m still missing one firkin assignment.

Jigr:- Huggg jigger! Love you

M.J Khala:- Yo babe!!!!! You can do it!!! OKaaay!!!!! YAA ALI…!!

Jigr:- *pappi and jhappi*

Jigr:- *hugs* havent spoken to u in 2 days..seems odd

Jigr:- I know i know.Its okay.Sisters cover up for one another and we do that.Love.


Momo:- Humara bhi time aye ga, Fatu. Don’t stress;)hehe

Hibu:- Okay so Cafe 9 tomorrow after school.It’s been decided.

Jigr:- This is to say that I LOVE YOU! Got the red box.Bountys and after eight.Haye=D *big tight tiger hug* come back soon.Love.Apa P.s love the card.

Momo:- Fatu, I’m fine, can”t talk. Ill call you in a while when i’m feeling less pissy

Jigr:- *happy huggie*

Nooray:- Okay guys PIA just called maven and told her that the 12:30 pm flight has been cancelled and they’ve transferred us to the 7:00 P.M flight so please be at the airport at 5:00 p.m SHARP!!!!

Jigr:- *hugggg*

have a safe journey and stay intouch=)

Aju:- I’m at urs tonight:D

Jigr:- Awwww i loved the car and thanx for lip balm thats my only winter shopping i do=)

Marley:- Our flight is nw at 9:30 I again got a cal from PIA WE HV TO REACH AT THE AIRPORT AT 7:30 NW

Nooray:- I just called pia flight enquiry they said its delayed:( now its 9 30 pm ;( reach airport by 7:30 sharp and bring NIC and IVS id card. and Gymkhana membership card also!

Nooray:- Flight further delayed to 11:15 pm 😦

Jigr:- love you jigger

Ikky:- Saw your calls. Thanks for the concern.

Momo:- Fatu get Desi Boys with u, wel watch it rat ko

Nooray:- Reach airport exactly at 10pm! Well all gather outside so please be on time!

Jigr:- I’ll come with you na

Jigr:- *tiggghhhtest hug and a lovely kiss*

missss u

Momo:- Im leaving my place at 9 sharp to pick yous

Rumi:- Me and nor going in

Marley:- We wont go for movie tom lets go on our shopping plaza… Nd we hv only 3 nits left so lets hvvv fun kk

Saroo Apa:- Me and izah wil cme see 2nite at def club

Beeru:- Halwa puri is here

Hibu:- Get a movie. Excorsist. The original one. The first one! The one made in 1970s

Beeru:- Gas- 1500 per days 5=7500

11th dinner-4600


12th-mosque tour

12th-late lunch-11340


Kashmiri chai-1000

Bee:- Hey! morning. How’s your trip going?till when are you in town?

Beeru:- Get ready boiz!

Beeru:- come to gate

Momo:- Is everything okay.Are u ok with the plan fatu?

Beeru:- Come back boiz

Hibu:- Going to cinnamon to sit.Its very cold.

Beeru:- come to cinibon ppl

Beeru:- Fatema lost her black n silver cell!If found please give it to me

Beeru:- letsss start leaving!!!!

Beeru:- Our total karcha mattress,extra room.lost keys,mini bar n etc cost 50480. Please forward to others.

Asmu:- Bye u guys it ws the best time sPENT together! Al fun funNa typz:p

Had a really nice time wd eaCH other,l0veD it al:)


Aju:- Left on Muhafiz. There will be a black city parked across the gate.

A.T.F:- I feel depressed. i had the best time of my life with you guys.and now i’m on my way to the airport.i can’t believe the trip ended this quickly.but I just wanna say love you guys it was a very memorable trip and had the best time of my life thanks for being there in it;D love you guys:D bye

Samra.O:- Hey guys i wana invite you all at my engagement ceremony on thursday the 22nd of dec at ball room c darbar sheraton hotel. Timming 9:00 .Hope to see you all.

Momo:- If ur up and hav credit call me.I don’t hav credit anymore. I shall say my,fat.

Love you.Nite

Momo:- I miss lahore and us in lahore.Haii:(

Izzah Apa:- Did you manage to pick up the shirt its safe with my mother in law really feeling bad wanted to give it back myself.

Saroo Apa:- Like chaterbox type

L.Khala:- Baby always hav time for u. Thanks for a lovely evening. Just like old days.lov u n your family. xxoo

Saroo Apa:- Its ok kam az kam a tou rae ho na. Atleast i shal get 2 c u baby.mwah waisay bhi u neva sleep ;p :p :p :p

Musti:- Lol … I will rather say choti moti :p as u r small.. No wonder tiny things are as big as ever:p and beautiful too

L.Khala:- Hi Fats.I’m back! Loved ur room.Curtains r wow n lov ur bed.Xxoo Lesley khala.

Saroo apa:- How can she 4get you babu? Mwah nobody can take ur place!!

Mnal:- U came in my dream

M.J Khala:- Oh no ur going…? !!! Uff…Takecare!!!  Thought u were going tomorrow?!!!! Tc!!! Xxxx

Saroo Apa:- Awwwww cutie pie mwahmwah u r my baby mwah

Rumi:- Hows my baby? 🙂

Sam:- Kiss kiss bang bang.So don’t freak if we’re half an hour.

Saroo Apa:- Awwwww i miss u too babu mwah many days left?

L.Khala:- Thanks baby. Not bored at all. U hav a safe flight n a great time in Lahore.lov u and send my blessings ur way xxoo.

Saroo Apa:- Mwah mwah waiting 4 u!

Musti:- Takecare and good night and you will get better love.

Marvi:- Not even the best dessert can taste sweeter than the cheap ice cream I ate with them.:)

Not even the best compliments can sound better than the jokes they poke at me.:)

Not even the xpensive dress cn suit me bettr thn the dress i borrowed arm them:)

Not even the hottest pizza cn taste better then the cheap french fries i had wid em

I do survive without thm bt I live only for them…

Love you all my friends..:)

Saroo Apa:- Me loves the you!

M.J khala:_ Uff Yaa Ali!!! Text when jooou reach!!! Looooooove you!!!

L.Khala:- Mama in AKU room 209.private ward.

Umair:- I noe u slept,swetie,yea I heard dis song its a good 1 n wld lyke to dedicate it to you.

Saroo Apa:- Fiting over stupid stuff….? Itni angraizi achi nai meri 😛 i miss you babes 🙂

Aju:- you better come so we can party together

Saroo Apa:- mwah! Baby mela!

Saroo Apa:- Gals lovd ur sandwiches mwah

Phups:- Beta just pull urself 2 gether.U r strong and can overcome anything.

Aba:- I love my baby.Bye

Mnal:- I guarantee u that I will never ever lose u Sama or Saher apa either thetas all i have in life. If only u guys understood me.

L.Khala:- I lov u baby thank u for being there for me.

Jigr:- So? Whats for iftari?

Musti:- And you have those days as you do not have a special one or any of your friend to share it with you…..So i will advise you to please share your bad thoughts with someone…. Common have a go….Share it with me if you trust.

Saroo Apa:- Hmmmm Danu startd cryng dat where r u gone.

Xubi:- Thnks fr dinner …:) nd im sorry fr leaving early..nd post the videos.

Saroo Apa:- Yes chatty call if your home.

L.Khala:- Safe flight Fats. Loved seeing u.Eid mubarak to u and the Siddiqi clan..xxoo.

Aju:- I am anti harama.Lol Anything besides that;) and trust me when i go crazy i go without the booze.. High on life;)

Saroo Apa:- Yea u r my cutie babu pie mwah mwah.

Phups:- Everything passes.Nothing remains the same.U must communicate with Allah Miyan.

Jigr:- Sillyy u are lil sister *hug* have lots of water

M.J Khala:- Awww..koala bear!!!Loooove you!!! Xxxx

Momo:- I miss you!!! Big huggyy hahha

Saroo Apa:- I miss u bad bad bad 😦

Musti:- I just wanted to know about you… Was feeling worried thats why called you…..

Mnal:- Sexy u coming tom 😀

Jigr:- Apa loves you too merry jaaan.

*enormous hug right back at ya*

Saroo Apa:- Mwah mwah love of my life.

M.J khala:- Uff.. we spoke too soon..!!! Aaagh..!!! Good Luck…!!!Yaaaaa Ali time…!!!

Jigr:- Uriii! Lion hug.Hahahahaaa!

L.Khala:- I lov u baby thank u for being there for me.

Umair:- Two days were boring ear u tel how ws ur time without me, I wont let u get ill if i was there I would have hugged you and made you enjoy the rain.

Saroo Apa:- I can b myself wid u 🙂 Mwah

Jigr:- Happy iftar =)

CODE 594147

Momo:- I’m sorry fatty, I’m just not in a very good mood right now and I have loads left.

Saroo Apa:- Awwwwww mwah mwah i love u my butterpuff

Saroo Apa:- Meri move creme dholki pay age hui hai hahahaha

Phups:- Life is mostly froth & bubbles.2 things stand like stone. Kindness in another’s trouble & courage in ur own.

Saroo Apa:- in reference to Danya’s crying :- Ab chup karwaya hai fatha is coming bak.

L. Khala:- I know……n I lov u back from the day u were born.

Jigr:- *tight hug*

Soz:- Maybe we shouldn’t give it time. I ‘ve told u things I wouldn’t even think bat telling anyone so soon.Maybe this is it:)

Jigr:- What goood mausam =’

Momo:- I love you pingpong 🙂

Mast Malang:- Thankyou guys i love the shoes and they fit! And thanks for coming to arizona even though I couldn’t reach u guys sahib se, all these ppl stopped at my house and had cake u shudve come any how maybe tom with a study session.

Saroo Apa:- shutup i m missing u like nethng!

L.Khala:- Thanks baby. I’m so tired hope we sleep well. Good nite.

Jigr:- Awww that means a lot! Is ur mom in town? Ur not alone right?

Momo:- Thankyou so much fatty,for all the love and care! Il never forget this trip, and the crazy memories we have 🙂 love you kichu

L.Khala:- Fats Eid mubarak to u. I lov u very much n pray for you beta.Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Jigr:- BIG SMILE. Morrie smile=)

Saroo Apa:- Cudnt blv dat the time has finally come? U R CmNG FINALLY AFTER SUCH A LONG TIME!

Jigr:- Ahahaaaaa love you Pyaaaru

Malo:- Omg u didn’t take cards again!

Momo:- Your the apple of my eye, I love you for being a sweetay hahha and checkin up on me when I was down:*

Saroo Apa:- Half day left yayyyyy counting hours nw!

Phups:- We all have our low periods. U have 2 love and trust God. He knows what u go thru. Try patience, It will be rewarding in so many ways that you wont b able 2 count your blessings.

Jigr:- Sillly. What weirdness.Hugs. Have fun u sillly.Love you.

Saroo Apa:- Even Danya yaar, I askd her kon a raha hai, she said Fataaaaaaaa and God She was EXCITED!

Jigr:- Hayee u calling me Morrie. I instantly smiled. *tiger hug* I dont know what u could get me from Lhr. U just come back safe n sound.Loveee u.

L.Khala:- Thanks my sweet sweet fats. I’m home. I’m still in grief…it will get better but not for a while. Lov u n am so proud of how you have  grown up. God bless u n protect u.Lov LK

Jigr:- *Cuddly hug*

Saroo Apa:- Listening 2 Aj Din Chadiya and missing my baby and recalling awl da fun v had wearing jeans and scarfs and shopping and espresso and bread and butter and hysterical laughters and movies and singing and everything 🙂

Momo:- You probably think momo has forgotten all about you but I haven’t .I miss you zumbaa!! Our group just isn’t the same without you!!! Can’t wait till you get your pingpong self here:) we’re working together on sunday.also I haven’t called or texted coz i crash everyday rat ko, iv been so exhausted.Lots of love Momo.

Sam:- Your house is depressing without you!

Saroo Apa:- Gusa kisi aur pa tha nikal tumharay pay gaya.

Jigr:- I have a lil sister for life!=)

Saroo Apa:- Im really sorry 4 yesterday:-( dint mean 2 hurt u 😦 I love Hamza a lot and after hm i love u like crazy:-)

Saroo Apa:- I miss u my lucky charm:-(

Jigr:- Ooooh yesh *scrambled kiss*

Jigr:- Awww.. I should call u jigger! Ur jigger type.I love u too merry jaan. I had fun.*jhapppiii zor ki*

Saroo Apa:- Yara dnt ask. Ve been busy wid Danu and her vomiting:-( she nt well since yesterday!! Aj she was walking wid ur slipper in her hand saying YE MERI JAan meri Fata ka jut hai!

Sam:- I miss you man. A lot!! But im also having a lot of fun here. It’s so peaceful, and no stress.Its like im on vacation! I take Marshy on long walks and then come back watch Tv and chill out.

Saroo Apa:- U r my honey bunch sugar plum pumpy umpy pumkin ur my shweety pie u r my cuppy cake gumdrop snoogums boogums u r the apple of my eye AND i love u so And i want u 2 know that i’ll always be right here! and i love 2 sing sweet songs 2 u! BECOZ U R SO DEAR!

Jigr:- Hugggg jigger! Love you.

Jigr:- Cheeeta hug right back at ya. I’m good with handling people and u toh are lil sister.So don’t worry.. TOldja i’ll be there for u. So no worries =) takecare.

Jigr:-* frogggie hugg*

Jigr:- *heart  YOU*

Jigr:- tiggghhhtest hug and lovely kisss*missss u


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