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After a long dry patch!~

It’s been a while I havent let my thoughts flow out freely on paper, so now is the time I feel the need to let out all that has been pending for some time. Numerous things have taken place the past few months. I shall begin from where I can remember last. I had clearly convinced my self that weaving was for me and then told my self over and over again that yes this is the right way to go but then something, just something kept telling me nah it’s not for me. The tussel grew within and kept building inside till finally it had to reach it’s climax where I felt the need to change my mind and change my field of further study. So here is when I took a deep breath and caught hold of my nerves. My weaving major crit had come to a close, It went well, but this time, I had made up my mind whether good or bad, I was going to switch to Print. I catch hold my breath and walk to my head of departments office. Now again, this happened by chance. I had miss understood instructions, I thought we had to keep the assignment for grading in the head of departments office and so I walked down to it and upon enquiring politely where the work was to be kept, I find out that it was to be kept in the resource room. I walk straight out of the office and make my way to the resource room, half way down the passage something within me told me this is the time turn back and go speak. exactly the words I said to myself at that point” Go now and speak this is your chance! LAST chance” Yes I took it. This time I wasnt going  to let it go so easily. I put on my *boy front*, and by boy front I  just means that I man up and learn to stand up for what I  think is a serious matter. So here it is I take control of myself and my nerves as far as I can, and I knock at the doors of *HD* thats short for head of department. She calls me in, tells me to have a seat and I go on with my story. It wasnt rehersed or planned, I just spoke as it came to me, bit by bit. It was like God was putting words into my mouth and I was just His mouthpiece. I had a slight feeling that this was not going to be possible because I had  been told by pratically everyone that it’s too late to change etc. I was still not convinced. I questioned myself several times that could it  be possible? Should one go on what people say? What about giving it a shot, just a try? I mean the max that would happen if I go and speak is either an acceptance or a refusal, so I might as well do it. The ball was in my court , I took the chance and it worked out for me. Doubled work, doubled stress but this is how I choose it to be. I’d have it no other way, I had made up my mind, I had taken a chance, God was in it with me and together We were going to make it happen. =D 


About fatimasiddiqi

Life is an eternal quest about knowing oneself.The deep root of failure in our lives is to think, 'Oh how useless and powerless I am.' It is essential to think strongly and forcefully, 'I can do it,' without boasting or fretting.I am one of those people who love the why of things.

One response to “After a long dry patch!~

  1. Yatin

    Sometimes it’s only a question of taking a gutsy step.

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