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On the 7th when the 2’s unite and become 22 (2012)

It all began the evening of wednesday the 8th. It had been a busy day. IT was like running from one place to another and by the time I got home it was fairly mid-night. I walk into the house things seem normal, theres perfect silence. I walk further approaching my room like  I would do on any normal day after coming back from somewhere. Click, I turn the door nob. It was pitch dark theonly lights I noticed were the tiny green lights of my air-conditioner. I thought to my self maybe I had left it on.though Im never that careless.So as soon as I switch the lights on I notice balloons tied up on my bed, a box of hob nob goodies, a card and a present. Suddenly from behide my bed three wonderful people jump out and scream surprise with an egg in each hand.Poor babies had been sitting behind my bed for an hour eating my Flaming Hot cheetos which they found in my *Tajori* hahahahahaha The phone starts buzzing as the clock strikes 12:00. Ohhhh and i forgot to mention with all that paraphernalia lay my bag that I normally use to take when I go for night spends. So here it was, these guys had packed me up nice and tidy and gave Mama no chance of saying no to the plan. These three people are probably still a mystery to you so here I disclose them Maham,Maheen and Nisha. Things just went by super quickly that night since my friend had to get home urgently so we kind of left for the journey to her place. I was still not feeling that I had hit the 22nd milestone. Well I still dont know is growing up really a good thing or bad. I  question myself several time and still fail to understand because I feel growing up brings upon to many responsibilites and apart from that you need to act and behave grown up which I think I still need to learn more off. Im sure it will come with time and thats how the cycle of life goes on we are born, and from then on we move up a notch every stage of life. Theres no going back to the previous stage, instead you leave a bit of yourself when you move onto the next stage which technically means you grow up and lose a few of those old habits. I want to take my whole self to the next stage which isnt quite possible.  Life moves on, times change and a person too changes with time, not totally but yes a lot does change. I think this is what growing up is called. Ohhh well, so back the night, which was splendid like always. We actually got time to talk, sit and chill around , Watched a bit of ‘DIRTY, SEXY ,MONEY’ and hey i got it right this time. *claps*  I somehow had started to feel sleepy so I wasnt really following up on what was going on. I woke up in the morning from Mama’s phone call, and she told me she would be sending the car for me soon and that i should get ready. I jumped out of bed, brushed my teeth, did what I had to do and I was ready within a few minutes. I thought I had left my friends sleeping but when I got out of the bathroom these guys made me change into my nightsuit once again and did what we do on all birthdays. *EGG* haha, so here goes my dressign up it was back in the shower now scrub scrub scrub get the stinky eggy off. So now I had been through the whole birthday surprsie routine and then I could go home. Now tonight there was dinner at Zouk, still had no clue what was going on exactly. and to cut the long story short, there was another surprise still waiting. There was a surprise planned out at Zouk which was awesome after which we went to my place and chilled for a bit. The day couldnt be more gorgeous then it was. Love you all!~ Hugs


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Life is an eternal quest about knowing oneself.The deep root of failure in our lives is to think, 'Oh how useless and powerless I am.' It is essential to think strongly and forcefully, 'I can do it,' without boasting or fretting.I am one of those people who love the why of things.

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