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Aainu baba’s Nikkah!

Realization strikes big!~ A good two months ago a long skype date with Aain along with long drawn whtsapping,BBMing and text msging was going on. from talks about daily life, debates on several issues etc and then suddenly I’m told that she’s going to be single no more. *Sigh*  It had been around three years from when I met her last and to think that this time when I meet her it’s going to be at her Nikkah. I wasnt ready for this at all. A series of mixed emotions overtook me, I was super happy for her and at the same time I wondered who exactly is the lucky guy. So here lands Aain and we meet a her two days before the actual big day when we get hardly a span of 2 hours to chit chat, catch up on the 3 years of  our long distance relationship and in the mean time She tries on her clothes,jewellery etc for the big day. Im still in disbelief, it feels like just yesterday we were in school together. Looking back and remembering the moments when we sat together in class, the gentle voiced, soft spoken and mild tempered tiny Ainnu Baba is committed. I always thought she would be one of the last amongst us to get married but I suppose one cannot determine time and fate. Everything happens when it’s meant to I guess. So the Nikkah day finally comes, havign a crazy day at uni from 8:30 a.m up until 8:00 p.m and then bang straight home a quick dip and within a snap of a finger it was jet set to Aainu’s big day. As always my baby looked spectacular. It was hard keeping the tears in. Aainu baba CONGRATULATIONS on your life ahead. We definately needed more time together but even these few days have been awesome. I miss having you in K town.  


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Life is an eternal quest about knowing oneself.The deep root of failure in our lives is to think, 'Oh how useless and powerless I am.' It is essential to think strongly and forcefully, 'I can do it,' without boasting or fretting.I am one of those people who love the why of things.

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