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5months down, crazy days, sleepless nights and it all ends well! GRADUATION! *DISTINCTION* Party, Joy, Celebrations.




Right after Mini thesis was over, I hardly took a weeks break and began my internship at Feeha Jamshed. A wonderful 2 months it was, great people, creative outbursts, lots of learning and life was good. to be honest i didn’t want to intern anywhere at first. Mini thesis had been a kill joy and then now all over again Work, no i wasn’t quite deadly for it but anyhow I took the plunge and now looking back I think it was the right decision. Just when there was  just a week to go with my internship to have been over I didn’t want to leave. Just when I have started understanding my way through things and getting used to the place it was time to leave and begin my final journey. Now this final journey was not so final but yes it lead to closure of University, school, kindergarden, montessori. Yes 5 months from July 2013 were left for me to complete my Bachelors Degree. Believe it or not one the summer break since I had been working without having taken a break I had not even had a wink of thought on what exactly I would do for my Final Thesis Project.

 I didn’t want to think about it, I just let my thoughts flow and i just thought this time I’m going to do what comes to me from the heart. What I want to do, What my mind can create, the thoughts I would put to practice this time. I did everything step by step. There’s always something or the other going on, I called it SSTCPU in my previous post, and it doesn’t change even a wee bit. For the first two weeks I had no topic, friends had pre-planned and pre-decided what they were going to be doing and I for one hadn’t thought of anything substantial. I kept researching for what topic to take on and every time I’d end up telling my self this is so done, over rated, under rated etc etc. Initially I thought of doing something with machinery parts and gadgets and creating fun designs out of those, did tons of sketching and It wasn’t quite working out. I was a bit confused  but I kew this was me, I didn’t want to move far from it so I kept my head down and started making mechanical flowers out of machine parts. SOme turned out interesting but then it was becoming super stiff, no movement and creativity started loosing flow. 

Earlier, in my 5th semester of university I had done an assignment on Transformation. I remember I struggled through it because everything I was doing wasn’t satisfying me, but I kept focused and I knew this was where I was going to go crazy and use it to my best advantage. i took on the challenge of transforming a vacuum cleaner into a city cleaner and I named my character *CITY MANJAN* now Mr City Manjan  was this cool looking mop / suction/ garbage bin sort of guy who was of course a super human gadget created to clean up the city. I made a logo, made him a team  and how they were aiding him in keep KARACHI clean. All His agents were created, and CITY MANJAN was ready to take off. I thought of a whole campaign and I was making this whole series on school bags, laptop covers, t-shirts, canopies and cushions to create awareness. It was a hit, and more then anything I loved what I had done. The question now was weither I should take that forward or should I turn the direction of the topic or should I continue what I had done. I tried different things, till I settled on Transforming transportation machinery into organic form. The aim of my topic now was to take people back to nature because that is where life began and we all look to nature for inspiration. I feel strongly about certain things and this being one of them I took it up and made it work,

My thesis was based on the concept that technology has taken over our lives and that we need to restore the balance by reconnecting with the natural world and making our lives wholesome.  I felt that we need to take a more holistic approach towards life.

When school children in the UK were asked where meat came from they answered, “The supermarket.” Every day we grow more distant from ourselves, from each other and from our natural environment.

Human beings have always looked to the natural world for inspiration and then audaciously tried to subjugate it. Transforming machines into organic life was a humble attempt to return to source and to recreate a balance between the different forces that impact our world. There is a need to give back to all living beings the right to live and to flourish on this planet. I worked day and night, sometimes without forgetting to have my meals. I felt my creativity would be affected if I stopped or took a break. I would keep at it, mind running, hands working, trying to plot all that was going on in my head way faster then my hands could capture. There were times I would just go to sleep in the place I had been working and wake up there to realize that a good two hours had gone by and my neck was stiff. A few medicines were my best friends during this  stressful time 1) OLGON 2) WINTOGENO 3) NUROFEN 4) FEXO-D 5) DAy & NIGHT NURSE 6) FLYGL 7) AUGMENTIN 8) ANSID  without which thesis would have been impossible.  There were days I would go to university, come back home, catch a quick bite and run of to the bazaars. I think the insides of Karachi are now on my fingertips. Joriyah Bazaar, Light house, Iqbal Market, Mariam Market, Chamrah Chawk, Gizri, Ghausia, Plaza, Uzma, Kharadar, Usman Plaza, Korangi, New Karachi,  Lagta thaa jaisay Karachi ka aik aik kona naap liya ho. Now looking back, I think it was great learning, not only did I learn to design but I learnt a way of doing things, dealing with all sorts of people and learnt that nothing can happen without the will of God. I keep Him close to me, at all times because I know He watches over me, to keep me on track and to pull my reigns when I’m in the wrong. 

There were days when I would think that my work would never finish on time, just when I would fall asleep something would wake me up and id be sitting wide awake thinking all sorts of things. As time was coming closer to the submission dates, I was a nervous wreck. I am grateful for all the moral support my family was to me in this crucial time of my life, I have no words or phases on how to thanks them for as they understood what I was going through and tried their best to make me feel as comfortable as they could. Each one played an important role, those that were here and those that weren’t also aided in me achieving what I did. 

Just when I was wrapping up the last minute display stuff I was told that the jury would begin from me. That very moment my heart sank, I was nervous but I tried not to let it show, I keep on telling myself it’s do or die so speak your mind and keep calm. I didn’t rehearse at all what i had to say, I had made up my mind that I would speak however it came to me and what tone the situation demanded at that very instance. Alhamdulilah , I’m grateful for whatever God has bestowed me with and I hope and pray that He keeps guiding me and my faith grows stronger. 

I did luggage pieces as my product range. I wanted to do something different and out of the ordinary and this seemed to have worked. Communication is a major means of connecting and , and that is why I did luggage as my product and used transportation vehicles for the most part as my my design elements.

My thesis made me aware of the fact that whatever humans copy is only a poor second to what God created. Machines indispensable as they are, can never match the easy grace and elegance of organic life.



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Life is an eternal quest about knowing oneself.The deep root of failure in our lives is to think, 'Oh how useless and powerless I am.' It is essential to think strongly and forcefully, 'I can do it,' without boasting or fretting.I am one of those people who love the why of things.

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