Matar Paneer Parathas


*2 cups aata

*Peas (boiled) 1 cup

* Cheese 100 grams grated

* Onions (chopped) 3 tablespoons

*Coriander leaves 1 table spoon

*Green chillies optional 

* Water and oil


Knead flour into hard dough.

Add all the other ingredients, except oil and knead the dough once more.

Make small circular roti’s and place on a flat cooking griddle.

Brush with oil and once it turns golden brown remove from the stove.


Sesame Chicken Wings



*15 pieces of wings

*1 egg beaten

*Salt and pepper

*Flour for dredging 

*1/4 cup of olive oil 


*1/2 cup soy sauce

*1/4 cup sugar

*1 tbsp white sesame seeds



Pre-heat oven. 

Dip the chicken wings into the beaten egg with salt and pepper

Dredge in flour and remove the excess

Heat oil in a large skillet

Brown the chicken pieces in hot oil

Drain the oil once fried

Combine the sauce ingredients

Dip the chicken in the sauce and place in a 10X13 inch baking tray

Bake until 25-30minutes till you feel it is cooked.







The climate change is drying the world,

And yet we continue to merrily swirl.

 It’s hard to find a drop to drink,

And still some keep those buckets filled.

Those frequent changes in the plates,

Are surely lining our path and fate.

Our days are numbering to a close,

As we are loosing meaning and so it grows.

The days are passing us faster by,

And all we are left with, is moans and cries. Around me are people who are sick and ill,

Fighting for life without any will.

Many a time I think to myself,

Is there really any way to break through this hell.

My body trembles and it shakes,

As I know this sand is my permanent place.

My frame is delicate and has lost all strength,

It’s a shame I can no longer breath normally again.

My body is weak and cringing,

As I see white sheets, cylinders and big fat syringes.

Having no clue or idea where I currently am,

 But I know for sure I have lost all zest for lamb.

In a land fairly unknown to me here I see, meet and greet faces with gleaming broad smiles,

Telling me ease out this new place is just divine.

Here everyone works hand in hand,

To help that poor,needy and helpless man.

We tend to forget the scorching heat of that burnt yellow sun.

Born to live together, we have failed to be one.

This day shall come to us all,

When we shall yearn for a chance to fix this dreadful fall.

Since my life has changed and I have moved on,

This life’s test for me is over now and I am long gone.

I leave behind a message to all of you alive,

Live wisely for you never know when it’s your time.


Fatima Siddiqi

2nd February 2014